Purchase policy:
Our webshop is ment for consumers. All sales made are final. Payment is directly taken after confirming the order. All items on our website are in stock unless stated otherwise. If an item is oversold, we will inform you of this.

If you wish to receive bigger quantities and revised pricing for B2B, we encourage you to contact our sales team via sales@mobii.eu for the possibilities.


Repair policy:
On all devices sold on our website we offer 3 months warranty. Repairs have to be claimed via rma@mobii.eu. The repair number will be linked to your order details.

The shipping cost to our office is on your own cost. We do recommend to pack the items well and make sure sufficient packing material is used to prevent damage during transport. All other costs are covered by us, if the devices are within warranty.

Cases such as water damage, falling damage and various other incorrect consumer use can cause the the warranty to go void. Please contact our repair team first to check wether the warranty is void. If the warranty appears to be void, we can offer a repair on your own cost.

Is the device outside of the 3 months, but you'd like to get it repaired? We can offer you a repair service on our own cost. You can contact our repair team for full information and prices.